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Shiraki Hamono

Shiraki Hamono 210mm Mizu-Honyaki Gyuto (Black Horn)

Shiraki Hamono 210mm Mizu-Honyaki Gyuto (Black Horn)

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Construction: Honyaki
Cladding: N/A
Finish: Mirror Polish
Core steel: White #2
HRC: 64-65
Weight: 156g
Edge Length (Heel to tip): 205mm
Height: 44mm
- Above Heel: 3.1mm
- ~Halfway: 2.6mm
- ~1cm from Tip: 0.7mm
Balance point: ~On second kanji up from ferrule
Handle: Karin Burl
Ferrule: Blond Buffalo horn

This knife was made within the legendary Shiraki hamono workshop. This workshop was operated by Kenichi Shiraki and his apprentice of 16 years, Satoshi Nakagawa. The Shiraki hamono workshop ceases to exist as of early 2021 upon the retirement of master Shiraki. Nakagawa has since separated and begun his own workshop, Nakagawa Hamono.

This being said, Shiraki hamono knives are no longer being created. This is old stock provided to us by our friends at Tsubaya. 

It is well known that the majority of blacksmithing done at Shiraki Hamono in its last few years was taken on by the apprentice Nakagawa, and not the master, Kenichi Shiraki. The exact nature of this relationship is unclear. It is possible that they exchanged duties where the apprentice would forge, and the master would Heat treat or it may have been strictly supervisory.

Due to this being speculation it is not possible to fully deem this blade a Nakagawa knife, or a Kenichi Shiraki knife. It is simply a Shiraki Hamono blade. Made with the spirit and experience of both legendary blacksmiths.

Care Instructions

• Please dont try to cut or chop frozen foods and bones . This may cause chipping.

• Keep knife clean and dry after use.

• Do NOT put in dishwasher.

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