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Isasmedjan 200x97mm Honyaki Chinese Cleaver

Isasmedjan 200x97mm Honyaki Chinese Cleaver

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Construction: Honyaki oil quenched
Finish: Satin
Steel: 26C3
HRC: 64-65
Weight: 386g
- 3.6mm out of handle
- 1.2mm Above "tip"
Balance point: 1cm forward of maker’s mark
Handle: Ironwood
Bolster: Brass

Everyone should try a Chinese cleaver at some point in their cooking journey. They defy all logic! Perhaps appearing visually unwieldy, they are anything but. They make quick work of everything on the board, and you will find that it completes most any task with ease. Much like a gyuto most your knife roll will stay put once one of these comes out. Hence the fun saying "Chinese cleaver VS. Everything."

This Chinese cleaver created by Jonas of Isasmedjan is no exception. A Honyaki rocking a beautiful hamon and a grind for pure performance.

Care Instructions

• Please dont try to cut or chop frozen foods and bones . This may cause chipping.

• Keep knife clean and dry after use.

• Do NOT put in dishwasher.

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