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Isasmedjan 272x40mm Sujihiki

Isasmedjan 272x40mm Sujihiki

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Construction: Sanmai
Cladding: Wrought iron
Finish: Etched
Core steel: 52100
HRC: 63-64
Weight: 171g
- 3.5mm out of handle
- 1mm ~2cm from the tip
Balance point: 1cm forward of maker’s mark
Handle: Australian Mountain Ash
Ferrule: Alder root


A Sujihiki full of character. The cladding is vibrant and perfectly depicts the organic grain that makes wrought iron so unique. The handle is a perfect combination of Alder root and Australian mountain ash.

This is of course all paired with great performance. Thin at the edge, but stiff enough to feel significant. Forward balanced for ease of cutting. This Sujihiki is a perfect example of an elegant slicer.

Care Instructions

• Please dont try to cut or chop frozen foods and bones . This may cause chipping.

• Keep knife clean and dry after use.

• Do NOT put in dishwasher.

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