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Catcheside Cleaver - Special Edition

Catcheside Cleaver - Special Edition

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Construction: Warokami, Forged
Cladding: Pure iron
Finish: Polished
Core steel: C105
HRC: 65
Weight: 471g
Length: 215mm
Height: 107mm
- OOH: 6.7mm
- Halfway: 3mm
- ~1cm from “Tip”: 1.7mm
Balance point: ~1cm ahead of makers mark
Handle: Cocobolo

 A forged geometry cleaver crafted by William Catcheside. The creation of such a cleaver is no simple feat. According to William, cleavers past the height threshold of roughly 80mm tend to warp grossly during heat treat. This occurred multiple times during Williams attempts to create such a knife, and it caused him to keep starting again from scratch. After many attempts he finally succeeded in creating a cleaver that stands an impressive height of 107mm with no warpage.

How was the warpage avoided you might wonder?

William adjusted his approach during the trials and tribulations and opted for the "Hot dog in a bun" technique, what many of us know as Warokami. This technique required William to split the pure iron cladding down the middle and insert his C105 core steel rather than sandwiching the three together as Sanmai would. This adjustment in approach paired with masterful heat treating, and a couple more attempts, finally allowed William to achieve this creation; a monstrous blade that is exceptionally hard (65HRC) and impressively thin. 

For the handle William went for a more square fit-up, with the handle bumping right up to the blade. This is more traditional to how Chinese cleavers are fitted, and avoids the slightly more extended tang-to-blade transition you often see in some Japanese counterparts.

Impressive forging, stunning finish, and thin geometry that denies food the ability to stick. This is the ultimate Chinese cleaver.

Care Instructions

• Please dont try to cut or chop frozen foods and bones . This may cause chipping.

• Keep knife clean and dry after use.

• Do NOT put in dishwasher.

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