About Us

PiercingKnives was founded by me, Logan Pierce. For years, I found myself falling into the world of kitchen knives, this led to a very exciting descent! What started out as an exciting holiday gift and a personal collection of hard-to-find knives, turned into endless hours of learning and gaining as much knowledge as possible. Having built wonderful relationships on my hunt for knowledge, I now find myself in the world of procurement and distribution. While my company is simple, my passion is anything but.

PiercingKnives works with blacksmiths to create amazing products through various collaborations and bring those to our customers. Though Japanese kitchen knives are our main focus, we continue to expand our network with blacksmiths around the world to come up with truly unique products. One of the core business components of PiercingKnives is that we relish an opportunity to speak with a customer. If you ever have questions or ideas for a blacksmith that you’d like to see us work with please shoot me an email or give me a call. Our product line will be updated continuously, and we are always open to customer input on what to stock next.